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Aquarium Maintenance

Funky Fish & Friends offers a full range of saltwater and freshwater services including cleaning, installation, set up and delivery for both residential and commercial customers in Northern Michigan.
Maintenance can be done on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis depending on the needs of the tank.
Maintenance generally includes the following:

  • Algae removal
  • Water changes – we offer reverse osmosis water and for our saltwater customers we use reef crystals salt
  • Filter replacement – we carry a variety of filters in stock and will replace as needed
  • Water testing– ensuring all parameters are within normal ranges is critical for maintaining a healthy aquarium
  • Delivery and acclimation of fish/other livestock – the most stressful time for fish and other livestock is when they are transported and acclimated to a new tank.  We will make sure your fish are acclimated properly to reduce stress and ensure their health.

Since every aquarium is different, pricing will vary depending on circumstances.  For more information call 989.732.1232


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